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Cloud Site Reliability Engineer

Antwerpen, Antwerpen
For a client located in Aartselaar. We are currently looking for a Cloud Site Reliability Engineer

Cloud Site Reliability Engineer

LOCATION: Aartselaar
START DATE: 08/08/2022
END DATE: 31/12/2022

Request Description
  • thorough & proven experience in cloud site reliability/disaster recovery in Azure
  • experience in writing frameworks or implementing processes. 
  • understanding the correlation between applications & infra
  • experience in application management.
  • place of work: Wilrijk or Prague. We expect at least 2 days onsite presence.
Remark: we have adjusted the scope of the position slightly as we haven't found our right candidate yet.

Our company  has a large and global Azure cloud platform and will be expanding quite extensive over the next 3 years. Different Business Areas/Divisions build applications themselves in this cloud platform hence from a global Solution & Architecture team we create/maintain a platform to make this easy for our business and we operate central managed components.
Currently about 400 applications are running on our cloud environment but some lack of operational excellence, we need you here to bring a change.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • You will be joining our Cloud Center of Excellence of the global Solution & Architecture team.
  • You will be responsible to define/work out how operational excellence and reliability can be achieved for global wide applications (governance, tooling, setup, monitoring, disaster recovery, business continuity, …) using the Azure cloud environment and additional tooling.
  • You will be responsible to select/setup the monitoring platform for the cloud platform/applications
  • Supporting in setting up monitoring for the central managed cloud platform
  • Support/explain/train IT people in setting up monitoring/SRE within their environment and create a scalable/performant application
  • General experience in Azure Cloud
  • Experience making reliable applications or applications reliable
  • Experience in an operational environment of cloud applications (keep it running)
  • Experience with performance/scaling/caching/multi-regional setups
  • Experience with business continuity/disaster recovery in a cloud environment
  • Knowledge about monitoring setups in different aspects of an application (application, infrastructure, network, …)
  • Experience in explaining / training other functional/technical people
Technical Skills
  • Azure platform knowledge
  • Understanding of different capabilities of monitoring tools
  • Experience in automation (ie. of remediation actions)
  • Experience with performance testing tools is a plus
  • Knowledge of different monitoring tools is a plus
  • Knowledge on BC and DR
Non-technical Skills
  • A person with a passion for the job
  • Objective oriented, self-organized and self-driven
  • High degree of learning capabilities
  • Team player
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Security minded
  • Ability to explain/train people
  • Strong verbal and written English Language skills is a must

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